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  • Consistent with the Ministry’s mission to provide an integrated set of diplomatic services, the Ministry supports national stakeholders with advice, representation and advocacy as it relates to international affairs. Concretely, consular representation is provided through the Ministry’s consular network and in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963. Consular services include the protection of the rights of Grenadians abroad, as well as the protection of the interests of the Grenadian private sector when doing business abroad.
  • The Grenadian Diaspora continues to look to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its sense of connection to Grenada. The Ministry offers services related to the issuance and renewal of travel documents, assistance with legal support, assistance with repatriation or relocation, and the hosting or support for cultural events.
  • Advice is also given to local NGOs on securing funding and international outreach.



  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs serves as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Government of Grenada on international relations. As such, the Ministry maintains regular communication with foreign governments and international organizations through established diplomatic channels. The views, opinions or mandates of foreign partners are communicated to the respective line ministries, or to the Cabinet as may be required. The Ministry also facilitates visits, meetings and courtesy calls of visiting officials in support of their mandates to conduct business with Grenada. The Ministry further supports the operations of foreign representations in Grenada in accordance with internationally accepted norms and custom.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is often the first point of contact for potential investors and businesses. The Ministry directs inquiries through the appropriate channels and ensures that contact is established.
  • The interests of international NGOs in Grenada are fielded and transmitted appropriately. Engagement with these entities informs the Ministry’s policy advice to stakeholders wherever appropriate.
  • Grenada’s Foreign Policy in many ways, is a reflection of domestic realities and an extension of the country’s Domestic Policy. As such, effective advocacy ensures that domestic interests are reflected in international agreements, negotiations, and in the agenda of international organizations.
  • The Ministry represents Grenada abroad at meetings, workshops, conferences, summits and other gatherings.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Grenada is the entity responsible for the formulation and execution of the foreign policy of the State of Grenada as it involves the bilateral or multilateral relations with other states and with regional and international organizations.  Indeed, the Ministry serves as the formal point of contact with the international community.

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