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Protocol & Consular Division

The Protocol and Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the most visual department of the Ministry, hence most people think that meeting and greeting people and wearing nice clothes is what protocol is about and hence what Foreign Affairs is about.

The term protocol is applicable to diplomatic formalities, i.e., official ceremonials, precedence, immunities, privileges, courtesies, etc.

Protocol is defined as the set of rules prescribing good manners in official life and in ceremonies involving governments and nations and their representatives.  It is the recognized system of international courtesy.


Key Tasks

  • To direct and co-ordinate the activities in the Protocol Division.
  • To be responsible for and to service the Diplomatic Corps/Regional and International Organizations accredited to Grenada in accordance with the Vienna Convention.
  • To be responsible for all Consular matters.
  • To make all necessary arrangements for the appointment of Honorary Consuls.
  • To advise on and co-ordinate State and Ceremonial Events/Functions.
  • To have responsibility for maintenance of an updated information data base in the Protocol Division.
  • To maintain a stock of National and other Flags, Emblems, Anthems and other related material.
  • To prepare weekly and annual reports on the activities of the Division.
  • To advise on Protocol, Ceremonial and Consular matters in accordance with the Vienna Convention and National Laws and Regulations.
  • To Supervise and Manage Protocol Staff.



  • Arrange for the Presentation of Letters of Credence/Introduction by Foreign Ambassadors/High Commissioners.
  • Arrange for the accreditation of Foreign Diplomatic/Consular Representatives.
  • Arrange for the accreditation of Grenada’s Diplomatic /Consular Representatives.
  • Arrange for the Travel Abroad of the Governor-General, Prime Minister and Ministers.
  • Arrange for visits of Foreign Dignitaries to Grenada.
  • Arrange for National Social Events hosted by the Government.
  • Participate in and advise on:
  • State and Official visits
  • State and Official Funerals
  • Signing Ceremonies
  • Independence Celebrations
  • Thanksgiving Celebrations
  • Remembrance Day Parade
  • Passing Out Parade
  • Provide Airport Courtesies to the Governor-General, Prime Minister, Ministers, former Prime Ministers and Guests visiting Grenada.
  • Ensure that the relevant Government Departments adhere to the articles of the Vienna Convention as it relates to members of the Diplomatic/Consular Corps.·     
  • Keep Grenada’s Overseas Missions and Consulates informed.
  • Work closely with the Security Forces to ensure the safety of all visiting Dignitaries.
  • Assist and guide other Departments of Government in the planning of meetings and other events.


  • Oversee the issue of diplomatic and official passports and visas for Ministers and Government Officials.
  • Arrange for the repatriation of Grenadians overseas.
  • Assist in the location of Grenadians missing overseas.
  • To seek the interest of Grenadians abroad as it relates to arrests, imprisonment, etc.
  • Provide notarization service to members of the public (marriage, birth, death and school certificates)
  • Arrange for the visits of research ships, naval vessels and aircrafts.
  • Arrange for the exchange of convicted offenders.


  • Arrange training seminars for members of the Protocol Staff and Public Service/Civic Organizations (At the latter’s request).

About Us

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Grenada is the entity responsible for the formulation and execution of the foreign policy of the State of Grenada as it involves the bilateral or multilateral relations with other states and with regional and international organizations.  Indeed, the Ministry serves as the formal point of contact with the international community.

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